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1 an ordinary person who accepts the leadership of another [ant: leader]
2 someone who travels behind or pursues another

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follow + -er


  1. One who follows.
  2. The thing that comes after another thing.
  3. pursuer.
  4. One who is a part of another's group, such as a servant or retainer.
  5. One who adheres to the opinions, ideas, or teachings of another.
  6. A man courting a maidservant.
  7. Young cattle.

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one who follows
thing that comes after another thing
one who is a part of another's group, such as a servant or retainer
one who adheres to the opinions, ideas, or teachings of another
man courting a maidservant
young cattle

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Follower is the title of a poem by Seamus Heaney, about how he admired and followed his father.
In this poem, Heaney reflects/looks back almost nostalgically at Irish farming through a description of his fathers' ploughing expertise. He vividly describes his memories of his fathers' abilities and explains to his readers his total, uncompromising admiration for his father as the young boy he used to be. The rhyming scheme is as skillful as the action it describes and a further note on structure would be the development from admiration to irritation: "Behind me and won't go away". This is a cycle which can be related to all over the world in many different situations.
This poem was included in the GCSE AQA Anthology.

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Christian, God-fearing man, accepter, addict, adherent, adherents, admirer, adorer, advocate, aficionado, amateur, amorist, apostle, appendage, apprentice, attendance, attendant, believer, body of retainers, bodyguard, booster, bootlicker, buff, catechumen, cavaliere servente, chaser, church, churchgoer, churchite, churchman, class, cog, cohort, collector, commonality, commonalty, communicant, communion, confession, convert, cortege, court, courtier, creature, daily communicant, dangler, denomination, dependent, devotee, devotionalist, dilettante, disciple, disciples, dummy, enthusiast, entourage, faith, fan, fanatic, fancier, feudatory, figurehead, flunky, followers, following, freak, gillie, good Christian, goon, groupie, habitue, hanger-on, heeler, henchman, hoi polloi, homager, homme de cour, hunter, idolater, idolizer, infatuate, inferior, ism, jackal, junior, lackey, lickspittle, liege, liege man, lightweight, lover, lower class, lower orders, man, masses, minion, myrmidon, neophyte, order, paramour, parasite, partisan, pawn, peon, persuasion, pietist, promoter, proponent, proselyte, public, pupil, puppet, pursuant, pursuer, pursuivant, quester, receiver, religionist, retainer, retinue, rooter, rout, saint, satellite, school, second fiddle, secondary, sect, sectary, seeker, serf, servant, shadow, slave, stooge, student, subaltern, subordinate, successor, suite, suitor, supporter, sycophant, tagtail, tail, theist, third stringer, thug, toady, train, trainbearer, truster, underling, understrapper, vassal, votary, ward heeler, wooer, worshiper, yeoman, yes-man, zealot
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